Timthumb 500 Internal server Error

In my previous project i was using timthumb. But thumbnails are not working and when i direct call images it was giving 500 internal server error. PHP GD library was […]

WordPress Accidentally changed site URL

In my previous project accidentally changed site url in the wordpress gerneral settings tab. As i don’t have wordpress admin login details i added following lines in the wp-config.php file to change the WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL.

WordPress Conditional Tags

On most situation in a wordpress theme you want to display content on the basis of page. Like display a slider only on home page or display a 468×60 banner […]

WordPress get all category ids

To get all the category id’s from current wordpress blog you have to use following function which returns an array of all the category id’s after that you can fetch […]

WordPress get Category name by id

Following function is used to get category name by using category id. Parameters for this function are category id. Credits WordPress Codex Hire a WordPress Expert for your website to […]

WordPress get Category id by name

By using following function you can get category id. Parameter for this function are category name Credits Get Category Id By WordPress Codex Hire a WordPress Expert for your website […]

WordPress Facebook like button

Facebook is most popular community website now. And latest trend is to add a facebook like button on your blog posts in this post I will show you how to […]

WordPress Use shortcode outside post editor in theme files

WordPress added function called do_shortcode() using this function you can call wordpress shortcodes outside post editor and you can call shortcode in you wordpress theme .php files. Credits WordPress Functions […]