Costly Link Building Mistakes to Look Out for

Link building is the cornerstone of SEO and is becoming more important everyday as the web becomes more competitive. The dead simple fact is that having relevant backlinks to your site will not only help you secure higher search engine position but also give you a higher page rank. What’s the use of all this? The extra exposure means more sales. Google places a lot of weight on backlinks to determine where it is going to place a site in the search engine results after a search is done; so, naturally many webmasters have turned their attention to link building. However, many people, especially, new ones, do not understand how to build backlinks the right way. When you go out spamming your site’s link any and everywhere; you are only wasting your time.

If your links aren’t relevant then you will lose search engine ranking. A strategy that enables your backlinks to look natural to the search engines is the most effective. Unnatural link building registers to the search engines as you trying to game the system, and your site will lose out every time you conduct link building in such a fashion. Don’t game the system like most others and you will have a competitive advantage over those that use “flavor-of-the-week” tactics. Starting off on the right foot can be daunting if you aren’t used to the process but it pays off big time down the road. Most people don’t want to get into the details of link building and go out there and start grabbing as many links as they can from whatever source they find. This will guarantee failure everytime.

You can find out some of the techniques to avoid in the following paragraphs.

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This is actually a very silly mistake that many make: getting quality links but with irrelevant anchor text. Many people use action words as anchor text when they are really supposed to be using the keywords that they want to rank for in the search engines – instead of making “Buy Now” or “Learn More” your clickable link; you should focus on keywords. Now you know, for better backlinking results select keywords that you wish to rank for and use those as your anchor text. This is yet another easy way to make your SEO link building more effective.

If you were thinking about buying links then think again. Of course, high PageRank links can get you top rankings. Networks exist where you can pay an obscene price to have a backlink to your site placed on one of these high PageRank sites; however, there is a downside to this type of practice that most people are not even aware of. The results don’t justify the price by a long shot. The main reason people pay for them is that they think that they actually work. Too many people have started to use this technique and now Google is aware of it; now sites that are using this for rankings are losing them or not sustaining any long-term rankings to start with. You bypass all of this by building your links around relevant sites.

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Keep in mind that PageRank (PR) measures the strength of a single page and the a whole site. In accordance, one page on a site can be a PR 0 and another can be a PR4. Knowing the PR of any page will payoff for you and your site down the later on.

You can outrank and keep top ranking if you treat link building seriously. Follow the rules of link building and you too can be a dominant force on the first page of search engines.

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