Do you know what can drive more traffic to your site than a top Google ranking?

Ever wondered what the best way is to get free and lots of traffic to a really good but new website you just founded? If so, you might want to check out Social Bookmarking sites.


Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg or Stumbleupon allow user to submit their favorite image, webpage or entire website. While they submit these pages, the user will provide a catchy title and tags. The title will be used to lure their friends or the public to click on that link and the tags will be used to provide information to the Search Engines. The public will be Upvoting or Downvoting the most popular websites to be shown at the top of the Social Bookmarking site.


By now, you probably get the idea that this method would allow you free advertisement. But you need to know what you are doing before it is too late and people will see your web page as spam or just not interesting enough.


To use these sites in your advantage of spreading something new, you want to make sure your title won’t be misleading and the tags will be the latest popular tags. If the users get a different idea of what the page actually is because you used a very luring and attractive but false title, you will not get Upvoted.

You will have to find the right balance between a correct and an attractive title. To be more successful with the Search Engines, so would have to take a look at the most popular becoming tags. Do not use the tags that are already popular, because you will have a very hard time to compete with those. You can get a good idea of how popular tags are by getting an estimate from Google Adwords or simply the Google Search Engine.


Most of the Social Bookmarking sites will also provide different types of sections where people can submit their page. In these sections, people with the same interests will be able to share information or news they all can enjoy. If your website is new and involves technology, you should definitely search for that section instead of just trying to add it to the front page of the site where competition can be very harsh. Sometimes you will require a small amount of people that can get the submitted Bookmark some good first reviews or comments and that can Upvote this. This will guarantee you that the public will find your page or site far more reliable and will more easily get deeper into it. You can also cheat and do it yourself with multiple accounts. But once people start noticing this, your chances of getting marked as spam will be very big and very hard to get rid of!


People have become very obsessed these days to spread the latest news to the public or all their friends. If you can provide something new and fresh, you will be getting the most pleasure from Social Bookmarking sites.

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