Phenomenal Tips On Proper Commenting Within Blogs And Forums

When working with any level of online business, a skilled virtual assistant will say that commenting on popular blogs and high traffic forums should be a fundamental part of your Internet Marketing strategy. Once again we see the power of networking at work here, and the same basic rules apply – be relevant, be interesting and don’t “hard sell”.

Whatever niche you’re in, there are forums galore out there. In these places you can get to know people who are actively interested in your particular subject, and have invested the time necessary to become members of these  forums because they really value the information which is available. Where could you find an audience with better potential? Whilst there are a number of forums for each niche, there are still more independent blogs, written and produced by people who are also into your subject. You might initially think of these people as competitors, but that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t communicate with them for general marketing purposes.

One really important point to always keep in mind when commenting on blogs and forums is that you should be considering the value of the actual content that you post instead of the possible benefits which you may get from the links. This is very important. Some people undertake a commenting strategy with the sole purpose of getting back links. In some instances this may also be technically flawed, but you need to be confident that the content posted next to your individual or corporate name is to the very best standard!

Blog and forum commenting is highly recommended as part of an overall website development strategy. As is the case with blog production in general, or with social media network interaction, the material that you publish will be read and its composition judged. Any virtual assistance provider out there will tell you that you don’t want to be posting irrelevant comments, or comments that are designed just to get your name out there. There seems to be no point at all in typing “great post”!

Blog owners will usually look at comments with great interest, and forums are almost always moderated by motivated individuals. In every case, whatever you write will have an impact. If you have something contrary to say, make sure that it’s constructive. There’s nothing wrong with being negative as such, so long as it can be viewed as a positive contribution to the conversation in view. Being negative just for the sake of it, or to create some kind of viral controversy isn’t really a good overall marketing technique for you.

You should note that some blogs have installed a “no follow” link policy, which means that if you have a link associated to your post, either in the signature or otherwise, the search engines are being told not to score the link. Most experts in this area recommend that you give more attention to the content of your posts and make sure that they are informative and contributory, rather than worrying about a potential back link to your site. Don’t forget, if you’d like to be seen on as wide a scale a possible through commenting, expert virtual assistants can make all the difference.

Initiate a policy of commenting on active blogs and popular forums associated with your niche. Use your competitor’s sites in a creative way to build your credibility as well. Remember, as is the case with many Internet marketing strategies, a subtle yet consistent approach is key.