Start A Campaign With These Search Engine Optimization Tips

There are more than just a handful of search engine optimization tips from various Melbourne SEO services out there. It is a good idea though to start utilizing only the best tips that bring great results. Here are five of the top tips that are still good to use.

#1- SEO for every page of your site.

Before you do anything else online, what you should really be doing first is optimizing your web pages. To accomplish this, you need to get the right keywords in place on each of your web pages. Pick no more than two keywords to optimize each page for. Once you’ve identified what these keywords are, insert them in the page title tag, meta description and URL. Make sure too that the page body carries the keyword.

#2- Submit articles to directories.

Directories for articles let writers submit articles and include links to their sites on the body or resource box of the submissions. This is therefore obviously one of the best ways to get good backlinks for your site. To get the most out of this strategy, link back to a page on your site using the keyword for which the page is intended for.

You should make sure that you only submit quality content. Many directories reject articles that are clearly submitted for the purpose of getting backlinks.

#3- Use Posterous to limit time spend on your network.

Aside from article directories you can also build your own network of blogs for your links as any good SEO services blog will teach you. You can do this by signing up for free blogging accounts. Once you have several blogs up, feed their details into Posterous. The benefit here is that you only need to post once in Posterous and then the service can send out the same post with links to your other properties. That means more links with less effort. The only downside to this strategy is that the links you place in your network won’t immediately be seen as valuable by search engines. This is because your blogs are new and need to age and get links themselves.

#4- Choose low search volume key phrases for article submissions.

When you submit to article directories, optimize your article for keywords that have lower search volumes and low competition levels than the ones you use for your actual web pages. This is so that the articles you push out to third party sites get found faster by search engines. This will also ensure that the articles you send out don’t end up competing with you for your on page keywords.

#5- Start posting comments on other related blogs.

Commenting on the blog posts of other people is a great way to generate more backlinks to your site and attention to yourself. Although the links you put in comments aren’t as valuable as the ones used in articles, they still count as links. Whenever possible use your keyword in the name field when submitting a comment so that it automatically converts to an anchor text. Just keep in mind though that not all bloggers like this.

There are many more search engine optimization tips you can implement. These five from this SEO blog however should be more than enough to get you some good results. Get cracking and start your SEO campaign today.